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Diagnostics of entrepreneurial potential of personality at the stage of professional self-determination

L.I. Shumskaya, A.V. Finkevich


L.I. Shumskaya is Dr.Sci. in Psychology, prof., director of the Center of development of youth entrepreneurship e-mail:

and A.V.  Finkevich is Deputy to the Head of district administration for social protection at the City of Minsk e-mail:


Examined is the theme of diagnostics of entrepreneurial potential of personality at the stage of professional self-determination. Presented is analysis of notions of “entrepreneurial potential of personality”, “business education”, etc. Analyzed is the problem of formation and development of entrepreneurial potential of personality in order to realize conscious professional choice, and in connection with that elaborated is the author’s approach to solving of such. In the author’s opinion, the question is about necessity of taking into account by solving of this problem both internal and external factors, i.e. on one side presence in individual certain personal qualities and value orientations, and on other side possibilities of their development specially organized educational environment. Also presented is description of diagnostic methodology, being used in analyzing of empirical data of the research.

Key words: professional self-determination, potential of personality, entrepreneurial potential of personality, business education, psycho-diagnostics.



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