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After a break in publishing, International scientific journal “Philological Sciences. Scientific Essays of Higher Education” renewed it’s appearance since second half-year of 2013.

The journal “Philological Sciences” was established by the Ministry of higher & secondary special education of the USSR in the year of 1958 to be in journalistic series of “Scientific Essays of Higher Education” (old ISSN 1024-1817). The journal published research results of both Russian and foreign scientists in the field of literary study & linguistics, reflecting topical questions of philological sciences, as well as most significant materials of scientific conferences, bibliographical surveys & reviews.

In it’s renewed appearance, international scientific journal “Philological Sciences. Scientific Essays of Higher Education” intends to go on with informing of scientific community in modern condition of philological sciences & researches.

Headings of the journal are:

  • General and Applied Linguistics;
  • Language. Culture. Society
  • Literature Studies;
  • Textual Study & Literary Processing;
  • Modern Philology;
  • Criticism. Bibliography & Literature Review
  • Philological Sciences Abroad (publication of materials in English by authors from the Far Abroad)
  • Philologists: Heritage & Modernity
  • Scientific Events


Editorial staff of the journal offers scientists, researchers & readers, as well as all of interested persons to active participation in rebirth of legendary philological edition.

It’s division in periods is three issues in a in six months.

Founder & publisher of the journal “Philological Sciences. Scientific Essays of Higher Education” is Innovation scientific educational & publishing center ALMAVEST.

The journal has been included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI, "РИНЦ")

The journal is included in the European Research Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS) administrated by Norwegian Social Science Data Services

The journal can be found in EastView Universal Database of Humanities and Social Sciences (UDB-EDU)

Certificate of the journal’s registration as a means of mass communication is PI # FS77-53540, 10.04.2013, verifying by Federal Service of Public Control in the sphere of Communications, Information Technologies, and Mass Communications.

Issues Per Year : 6
Publishing Frequency: Bi-Montly
Volume: 120 pages in B5 format

Контактная информация:
Тел.: 8 (495) 99-88-612
        +7(985) 99-88-612