Alma Mater
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Vestnik Vysshey Shkoly (Higher School Herald)
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Alma Mater—The best way to learn all about Higher Education

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The oldest Russian journal on higher education was founded in 1940. Reading it, you'll keep abreast of all recent events and processes occurring both in the domestic and world systems of higher education, you will be able to get quotes from famous people concerned about the destiny of the modern high school.


Original and translated scientific articles on philosophy, sociology, theory, history and contemporary problems of education in Russia and in the world, analytical and bibliographical surveys, digest of specialized periodicals  both Russian and international are being published in the journal.


Credo of our Russian and foreign authors is to combine professionalism and high scientific level with the available form of presentation.


Under the VAC (Higher Attestation Commission in Russia) decision “Alma Mater” has been included in the list of scholarly journals and periodicals (serial number 2138), where  basic scientific results of theses for academic degrees of doctors of sciences ( doctor) and doctors of philosophy (candidate of sciences) should be published.


The journal has been included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI, "РИНЦ").

The journal is included in the European Research Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS) administrated by Norwegian Social Science Data Services

Electronic full-text version of the journal is  in EastView Universal Database of Humanities and Social Sciences (UDB-EDU)



Purpose and scope


The aim of the journal is to publish the results of basic and applied researches in pedagogy and psychology, philosophy and sociology of education, cultural studies. The journal offers publications on the following thematic areas:





  •   Education: perspectives and aspects

  •   Philosophy and sociology of education

  •   Pedagogy and psychology
  •   Humanization and liberalization of education

  •   Applied Research in Education

  •   Society. Science. Education

  •   Practice of higher school

  •  Education Abroad

  •   The world market of educational services

  •   Science in high school

  •   Heritage and Modernity

  •   News about education in Russia

  •   News concerning education all over the world

  •   Reviews. Fragments

  •   From the editorial mail



VAC considers publications of the following academic specialties in the journal ( speciality departments):

09.00.07  Psychology of Education (Psychological)

09.00.11 Social philosophy (in terms of education and science) (Philosophical)

22.00.04 Social structure, social institutions and processes (in terms of education and science) (Sociological)

24.00.01 Theory and History of Culture (Cultural, philosophical, historical, sociological, arts)

08.00.05 Economics&managment of national economy (Economics)

08.00.14 International economy &World market of educational services (Economics)




Periodicity - 12 issues per year. 

Volume - 120 pages in A4 format
Language - Russian, English



Learn all and what not about Higher Education

from the “Alma mater”scientific journal  (Vestnik Vysshey Shkoly )!