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To Our Authors


We accept articles from authors abroad. Your article should be in English or in Russian with abstract & keywords both in English and Russian

1. Each manuscript must be complete and final when submitted.

2. Each article should contain no more than 2000—2500 words.
(All appendixes included but not references or figure captions).

3. Manuscripts can be submitted either by e-mail or using files prepared in Microsoft Word.

4. Each manuscript should comprise the following components, presented in the order as shown below:

4.1. The title of the article, name and affiliation, anacademic degreeorrankof the author, any current or additional affiliations, and author’s  address and e-mail.

4.2. Abstract. A concise abstract (of no more than 100 words) and key words (no more than 10) are required at the beginning of each article.

4.3. Text. It’s desirable that the text should be divided into sections with a separate heading each. (The section/subsection headings should be typed on every single line).

4.4. References. References should be enumerated (no more than 12 items). The citations in the text if any should specify the author's name, title, year of publication and page number.

4.5. Resume. Resume size is at the author’s discretion.

Our journal pursues the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and the Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers designed by COPE (Comitee on Publication Ethics). We presuppose authors to follow the Guidelines for Authors.