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Improving the training of specialists in computer sciences of bio-engineering profile at machine-building university

V.I. Kravchenko
80,00 Р

UDC 37-042.4:004                 


V.І. Kravchenko is Cand.Sci. (Engineering) doc. at Donbas State Machine-building Academy  e-mail: ;


Described is a model for formation of educational programs and training plans, that meet requirements of national standard of higher education for improving the quality of training of information technology specialists in machine-building university, when solving medical and biological problems in cooperation with international educational projects Erasmus+ -  ВіоАRТ. The method and example of inclusion in educational program in the direction of Computer science of special discipline “Modern methods of designing software systems, based on object-oriented approach”, that meets requirements of stakeholders to competence of future specialists and corresponds to standard content of training results in design of biomedical systems for multiple purposes, processing human biomedical signals, smart devices for monitoring and predicting physical condition of patient or artificial implants. For this discipline, examples of developing fragments of methodological support for theoretical and laboratory part of the course in form of corresponding UML and SADT diagrams are shown. The article considers an information model, based on intelligent databases of standards and passports of disciplines for promising automated system for formation of educational programs, that can be used for any specialties in what specialists are trained at university.

Key words: Erasmus+, ВіоАRТ, OOP, educational program, curriculum, bachelor, master, IT-specialist, computer information technology, medicine, bioengineering.


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