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Digitalization of personality: blockcgain in digital education

D.V. Lukashenko
80,00 Р

UDC 37-042.4:004            


D.V. Lukashenko is Dr.Sci. (Psychology), doc., Leading researcher at Research Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia e-mail:


Examined is new and promising blockchain direction in digital information educational environment. It justifies the idea, that the blockchain is the basis for building educational system of the future. New author’s material on implementation of the blockchain in digital information educational environment is presented. Perspective architectonics of blockchain is considered on the basis of implementation of neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence. The article reveals content of new concepts of content-slip and streaming-attractor as main elements, allowing to implement the blockchain in digital information educational environment. Characteristic features and possibilities of content-slip are identified and described, that allows for purposeful development of the personality in digital information educational environment. Based on the content-slip, mechanism for implementation of the striming-attractor as the main technology of future digital information educational environment is revealed. Characteristic features of the striming-attractor technology are identified and described. It justifies the idea, that implementation of streaming attractor will allow to approach to new level of perception of information content by person, based on formation of a map of the way of thinking.

Key words: digital information educational environment, neural network, blockchain, content-slip, synergistic effect in education, transdisciplinarity, digital educational space, streaming attractor, digital education.


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