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Study of competitive environment of markets for pre-school education services, children’ recreation and rehabilitation, psychological and pedagogical support services for children of Leningrad region and Komi Republic

N.A. Mikhalchenkova, S.N. Bolshakov, Yu.M. Bolshakova, R.A. Shutov
80,00 ₽

UDC 37.07:005.7:338.1(1-32)  

N.A. Mikhalchenkova is head scientific researcher e-mail:; S.N. Bolshakov is head scientific researcher e-mail: ; Yu.M. Bolshakova is head scientific researcher e-mail: at Institute of Art Education and Culturology of RAO; and R.A. Shutov is master at Leningrad State University n.a. A.S. Pushkin e-mail:


Presented are results of sociological study in priority markets, conducted by the authors on the example of Leningrad Region and Komi Republic, identified are factors, that influence respondents satisfaction (such as price, number of organizations, providing services, etc.), on state of competitive environment, and administrative barriers of respective markets. The article reveals the role of project approach to implementation of tasks of education management bodies in development of educational system.

Keywords: service market, education, customers satisfaction.


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