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Training of youth in project activity as factor of professional development

E.V. Luneva, N.D. Bobkova, O.N. Bryzgalova, O.G. Khripunova
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UDC 37.09:378          

E.V. Luneva is Cand.Sci. (Biology), doc., head of sub-faculty; N.D. Bobkova is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof.; O.N. Bryzgalova is master student; and O.G. Khripunova is senior lecturer at Kurgan State University e-mail:


Discussed is training in project activity as an important factor in professional development of students, enrolled in the field of training “Organization of work with young people”. Identified is the range of the main functions, performed by specialist in the social sphere as intermediary between individual and society. Also defined are main directions of professional development of young people in modern conditions, involving increasing of the role of project competencies.

Keyword: youth, professional development, project activity, training in project activity, work with young people.


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