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Analysis of models of socio-pedagogical support of substitute families and evaluation of their effectiveness in focus group: local aspect

A.N. Legkonogikh , Yu.A. Rybalka, S.L. Popova, S.B. Smirnova
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UDC 316.35:364.3


A.N. Legkonogikh is Master student e-mail:; Yu.A. Rybalka is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. e-mail:; S.L. Popova is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. e-mail:; and S.B. Smirnova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. e-mail: at Don State Technical University


Researched is the problem of introduction and effective use of models of socio-pedagogical support of substitute families. For each individual territorial conglomerate the problem is increasingly problematic and/or irrelevant application of generalized models, that are not adapted to socio-demographic characteristics of the region. In this regard, modern interpretation of interaction of social and pedagogical services with substitute families and their support are undergoing significant changes on the basis of external and internal factors of development of these relations. Adaptation of the authors’ model of social and pedagogical support of substitute families on the basis of the study of local interaction of all parties to this process is the aim of the article. The objects of the research are replacement families. The subject of the study and scientific review are processes, associated with implementation of social and pedagogical support of substitute families with assessment of this interaction in focus group, held at Don state technical university, department of “social work”. Results of the focus group were discussed collectively, as well as during practical classes on the disciplines of the profile department among full-time and part-time bachelors in December 2019.

Key words: substitute family, model of social and pedagogical support, localization of problem, focus group, effectiveness of support.



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