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Problems of formation and functioning of faculty of educational institutions of MVD of Russia

R.V. Gonnov, A.O. Malofei, D.A. Lazarev
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R.V. Gonnov is Cand.Sci. (Law Sciences), doc. e-mail:; A.O. Malofei is Cand.Sci. (Technical Sciences, doc. e-mail:; and D.A. Lazarev is Cand.Sci. (Sociology), lecturer e-mail: at Stavropol branch of Krasnodar University of MVD of Russia


Discussed are the most important aspects of the pedagogical activities of higher education institutions, incl. the system of MVD of Russia. Special attention is paid to negative factors, that negatively affect on content and consequently on quality of educational process. The main emphasis is made on the fact, that specialists involved as teachers, and undoubtedly being professionals in their business, are actually engaged in business, in which they have not been trained, as pedagogy is separate direction of human activity. Accordingly, such a “teacher” is often unable to transfer his knowledge and experience to cadets and listeners. The problem of who in principle has the right, in terms of practical experience, results achieved and position occupied, to become a teacher raised separately. And also the problem is being discussed, how in dynamic changing world the teacher should remain connected to practical activities in his direction.

Keywords: profession, pedagogy, teacher, cadet.



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