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Influence of the supervisor as the most important factor in defiance of dissertation researches

L.B. Erstein
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UDC 001.89  


L.B. Ershteyn is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics e-mail:


Proved is, that influence of supervisor is the most important factor in defense of dissertation research. Definition of influence of research supervisor is given. This influence is defined as ability of supervisor to seek the defense of dissertation research. It is shown, that influence of the head has formal and non-formal character. It is argued, that difference between real and formal factors of influence lies in the plane of tasks, solved by supervisor. If tasks are real, then factors of influence are real, and if formal, then formal. Factors of real and formal influence are revealed. It is shown, that factors of real influence areuse of scientific qualifications and qualifications as a leader. And formal factors are formal authority, real authority, hidden authority, administrative authority and scientific connections. The value of each factor is shown. It is proved, that at present moment, under conditions of modern Russia, formal factors of influence are more important for defense of dissertation research, than formal factors. The question of revealing influence of supervisor is being considered. The methods of revealing such influence are given. Developed is model of influence of supervisor. It is proved, that influence is systemic phenomenon, in which all factors, both formal and non-formal, are important. Also it is shown, that influence can be negative, positive and neutral.

Keywords: scientific management, scientific supervisor, influence, defense of dissertation.



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