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Improving system of management under conditions of transition to digital innovative economy

V.A. Kosyanov
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UDC 37.07:005.33   


V.A. Kosyanov is Dr.Sci. (Engiheering), prof., rector of university at Sergo Ordzhonikidze Russian State Geological Exploration University (MGRI) e-mail:


Researched is development of digital technologies, that leads to emergence of new opportunities for organization of educational process. The analysis shows, that on the problem of improvement of management of higher educational institutions a number of important directions is realized, in particular introduction of matrix systems of management, delegation of powers, formation of separate divisions in administrative structure, formation of informational environment, etc. It should be noted, that in modern universities the system of interaction of divisions “on vertical” is rather well fulfilled. The most important direction in terms of introduction of digital technologies is implementation of the principle of self-regulation of processes at the “horizontal” management level, that involves construction of interaction of university departments provide necessary level of functioning and support of “vertical” management decisions. Reliance on the most important pedagogical principles, that provide a mechanism for self-regulation of management processes, makes it possible to ensure the functioning of the main areas of work of scientific, educational and sub-educational units focused on training of popular specialists.

Keywords: digital technologies, principle of openness of educational organization, principle of continuity, principle of science, principle of communication between education and practice, principle of consistent behavior of all elements of the system, principle of self-regulation of processes, horizontal self-regulating sub-system of educational process management, horizontal self-regulating sub-system of scientific research management, horizontal self-regulating subsystem of educational process management.



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