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The system of higher education and socio-investment model of regional development in the context of guaranteeing security in the South of Russia

K.V. Vodenko
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K.V. Vodenko is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), Prof. at M.I. Platov South Russian State Polytechnic University, Novocherkassk e-mail:


Presented is the analysis of place and role of higher education system in the structure of socio-investment model of regional development. As the author notes, when the resource model of development is exhausted and crisis phenomena in life of regions are increasing, the social security of Russian society can be ensured by transition to the social and investment model into regional development. The South of Russia as the middle in regional hierarchy has promising social and investment rating, associated with concentration of intellectual capital in the university system. The author concludes that social investment activities of universities as agents of socioeconomic system of region is the best to strengthen social security of the Russia, helps to preserve social investment of public sentiment and their confidence in the future, reduces risks of depression in social relations with subjects of regional development, and has the status of monopolist in the sphere of socio-cultural policy.

Key words: South of Russia, higher educational system, social and investment model of development, social and investment activity, region, social security.



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