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Historical analysis of origin and development of quality assurance systems in higher education in France

N.V. Tikhonova
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UDC 378:005.6(44)             


N.V. Tikhonova is senior lecturer at Institute of international relations of Kazan (Volga region) Federal University e-mail:


Presented is historical analysis of development of quality assurance systems in higher education in Europe, starting from the first forms of control of learning outcomes and ending with the current quality assurance system. The authors attempted to comprehensively cover the research problem, answering the following questions: where and when did the tradition of control of the education quality began, what were the first quality management systems and what functions did they perform, what were their strengths and weaknesses, how did the forms of quality control in education change with changing in the political and economic situation in society. In this paper, the quality assurance in education is considered as a process of monitoring of student achievements and as an assessment of the educational institution. Special attention is paid to the origins of quality assurance in France’s higher education, since this country played an outstanding role in the world history, and in none of the other countries have the social movements and political struggle around the educational problems taken such acute forms as in France. In addition, unlike most other countries, in France, as in Russia, there was and still is a centralized system of education management, which determines the priority interest of France for Russian researchers.

Key words: higher education, education quality, quality assurance, quality evaluation, assessment, university, student, France.



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