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Health-saving technologies in organizing healthy lifestyle for university students

A.M. Salavatova
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A.M. Salavatova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Nizhnevartovsk State University e-mail:


Described are health-saving technologies in organizing healthy lifestyle for university students. In health-saving system, the main thing is not assimilation of ready-made knowledge, but development of students’ abilities to master methods of knowing phenomenology of human health, that make it possible to independently and creatively use them to maintain and strengthen health, as well as for self-determination of personality. Health-saving educational technologies are being understood to mean those technologies, use of which in educational process is beneficial to health of students. Health-saving technologies involve combination of pedagogical, psychological and medical influences, aimed at protecting and ensuring health, formation of valuable attitude to health. Technologies, aimed at maintaining and strengthening health, are not external, serving, based on physiological, pediatric, and other traditions, but using means and potential of pedagogy and psychology to solve these problems.

Key words: technology, health-saving technology, healthy lifestyle, educational process at university.



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