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Psychological and pedagogical support of leisure needs of youth in the system of additional education

S.V. Hemanova, E.A. Khomutnikova
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UDC 374+379.8   


S.V. Hemanova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc.; and E.A. Khomutnikova is Cand.Sci. (Philology), doc. at Kurgan State University -mail:


Presented is the analysis of psychological pedagogical support as complex of interactions between the teacher-psychologist and youth on the basis of educational space of institutions of additional education. The article notes, that it is necessary to aim such support at self-development of personality of youth and the choice of constructive leisure activities. Noted is, that the study of specifics of psychological and pedagogical support of young people is especially important in the framework of modern concept of lifelong education. Additional education promotes personal growth and development and provides psychological and pedagogical support in professional and life self-determination of youth. The study presents exploration that was attended by 170 young people aged 18–35 years, who wanted to find an object of interest in institutions of additional education of Kurgan city. The research was based on the method of leisure preferences of O.I. Motkov “Sphere of Interests”. As a result of studying leisure preferences, high significance for creative activity of young people was revealed. In implementation of psychological and pedagogical support, choice was made for each participant in the study of constructive leisure activities that was aimed at realizing interests of young people, taking into account possibilities and prospects of development.

Key words: psychological and pedagogical support, youth, leisure, diagnostics, leisure needs, additional education.



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