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Memory and politic in history and educational space

Yu.V. Smirnova
80,00 Р

УДК 930:37.01          


Yu.V. Smirnova is Cand.Sci. (History), doc. Moscow City Pedagogical University e-mail:


Researched is historical memory as factor that drives the nature of collective ideas about the past, the way we view the present and the future of social development. This phenomenon manifests itself in and influences many fields of public life, from politics where it contributes to formation of political identity of a nation, to society, to culture. Historical memory serves as prerequisite for interethnic and interethnic integration or conflict, means of social identify formation, and tool in preserving and transmitting cultural experience of community. The aim of the study was to establish systemic ties between historical memory and political influence, as well as to determine characteristics, goals and methods of using historical memory in exercising political power in Russia. The study used general scientific and general philosophical approaches, as well as methods of political science. The article disclosed the current state of historical memory, problems and internal risks of developing national educational policy. The major directions of educational policy and key tasks of education in Russian society were identified.

Key words: history, historism, historical memory, cultural heritage, memorial policy, educational policy, memory policy, representation of the past.



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