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Improving quality of training of scientific pedagogical personnel in post-graduation study at technical University

A.I. Popov
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A.I. Popov is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Tambov State Technical University e-mail:


Substantiated is necessity of improving training of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel and formation of their readiness for research activities in their field of scientific knowledge at the system level. The article analyzes problematic aspects of transformation of post-graduate education into the educational system: psychological nature and legal support. The expediency of development and implementation of the concept of formation of broad-profile researcher and teacher in post-graduate school, aimed at pedagogical innovations and improvement of educational process is shown along with change of legal framework of post-graduate studies. A model of competitive graduate of post-graduate technical university has been developed including clusters of creative, research, creative and pedagogical competencies and readiness to promote and commercialize results of their work. Shortcomings of organization of training in post-graduate studies at the present stage, associated with the psychological inertia of the faculty and vaguely expressed purpose of training, are revealed. Psychological and pedagogical conditions for improving quality of education in graduate school are formulated and modules that are appropriate to include in educational process are defined.

Key words: training of scientific and pedagogical personnel, organization of educational process, psychological and pedagogical training of post-graduate students, research activities, pedagogical innovations.



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