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Features of mythological worldview of hearing impaired students

A.A. Shishkina, N.G. Vavilkina
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A.A. Shishkina is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. e-mail:; and N.G. Vavilkina is senior lecturer e-mail:  at Izhevsk State Technical University n.a. M.T. Kalashnikov


Researched is current direction in the framework of domestic higher education, i.e. inclusive education. The authors presented this problem through a study of mythological worldview of university students with disabilities and hearing impaired health. In the process of conducting contact classes and performing independent work on humanitarian disciplines several of the most important features were identified, that impeded socialization of students in university space and perception of new information. Examples of inconsistency of general cultural myths in the form of phraseological units, anthroposocyomorphisms, proverbs and sayings with personal and group myths among students with hearing disabilities are presented. The conclusion is drawn on practical significance of this study for adjusting teaching methods of the humanities at university for non-hearing students and hearing-impaired students.

Key words: higher education, hearing-impaired students, non-hearing students, myth, mythological consciousness, general cultural myths, group myths, personal myths.


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