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Pathos of ersatz-culture

A.E. Shishkin
80,00 Р

УДК 130.2


A.E. Shishkin is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Samara Medical University “Reaviz”



Presented is analysis of the phenomena of erzats-culture with it’s dominant of economics and rights over spiritual and moral values setting the tone for formalism and imitation of life. Characterized are principal approaches to problematic of research, i.e. hermeneutic approach and stratification approach. Conclusion is made, that studied pathos of ersatz-culture represents hypertrophied absurdity. Proposed are the author’s approaches to understanding of ersatz-culture, suggesting fundamental changes in society, associated with paternalism, national and religious identity.

Key words: absurdity, rhizome, obscurantism, manipulation, technology, identity, uni-polarity, unification, consistent war, man-curtization of consciousness.



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