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Social networks as an element of modern lifestyl

M.A. Mehdieva
80,00 Р

UDC 304:004   


M.A. Mehdieva is PhD student in sociology at Baku State University e-mail:


Examines is the role of social networks in development of lifestyle, as a socio-cultural aspect of modern large urban agglomerations. Communicative meaning of social networks, historical nature of their formation, on the basis of continuity of social forms of life and historical periods of social development are emphasized. The place of social networks in formation of certain spheres of lifestyle is determined. This is associated with formativeness of social networks and possibility of using them in activities that is reflected in people’s behavior, their social activity, attitude to life, etc. It is concluded that in each sphere of life there is a wide variety of already created social networks that are constantly being improved and modified. It is noted, that over time the role of social networks in development of urban lifestyles is growing that will ultimately lead to leveling of urban and rural lifestyles, since starting conditions for residents of any territorial entity with development of Internet become in principle approximately the same. The world is becoming one large space, united by a wide infrastructure of connections, in which social networks will become the leading party.

Key words: lifestyle, ICT, social networks, current state of social networks and prospects for their development.



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