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Library and publishing complex of university — union as fundament for raising of efficience

P.A. Zakharov, E.N. Kasyanchuk
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UDC 027.7:655.4


P.A. Zakharov is vice-director of library and publishing complex e-mail:; and E.N. Kasyanchuk is director of scientific library e-mail:  at Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk city


Presented is experience of Siberian Federal University in reforming organizational structure of educational supporting departments. History of creation, formation, reforming of the library and publishing complex of university is submitted. Considered is specificity of work of scientific library and publishing house of university. The article describes creation of the resource center as division of the library and publishing complex, responsible for automation and technical support of key business processes. The authors рresent approaches to improving activities of the scientific library and publishing house of university. It is indicated, that automated systems “University Book Provision”, “Publishing of Works of Authors of the Siberian Federal University” have been developed for coordination of activities between divisions. Library and publishing council functions to regulate and coordinate activities of library and publishing processes, integrate them into scientific and educational environment of university. It is noted, that automation of business processes made possible to ensure efficiency of division’s work with parallel optimization of the staffing table. It is emphasized, that unification of the library and the publishing house into one structure made it possible to resolve issue of obtaining information resources. Experience of Siberian Federal University proved to be successful, and that is proved by public recognition, victory of scientific library of Siberian Federal University at All-Russian competition of library innovations and use of practice of Siberian Federal University by other universities of the country.

Key words: university, structure, modernization, efficiency, library, publishing house, resource center, book availability, automation.



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