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Effective target training of specialists at technical university

T.Yu. Dorokhova
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UDC 378::62


T.Yu. Dorokhova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy) doc. at Tambov State Technical University  e-mail:


Discussed are issues of effective targeted training of specialists for the military-industrial enterprises, highlighted are the main approaches, underlying the design of content of such training. Scientific novelty of the study lies in the fact, that proposed methodology for determining professional competencies of the OPK specialists by using timekeeping to clarify the composition of formed competencies and requirements for them. On the basis of dedicated structure of readiness for professional activities of the defense industrial complex specialists, design and development of a system of targeted training at technical university is carried out, and it is proposed to build content of the system for such training, based on identification of three interconnected concentrators.

Key words: professional training of specialists, targeted training, quality of targeted training, practice-oriented training, concentrated practice-oriented training.



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