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National orientation of Chinese students: study in it’s influence on ethno-social adaptation under conditions of megapolis

D.S. Brazevitch, O.F. Guchinskaya , Zh.S. Safronova , I.I. Tolstikova
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D.S. Brazevich is Cand.Sc. (Sociology), doc. e-mail:; O.F. Guchinskaya is Cand.Sc. (Engineering), doc.; Zh.S. Safronova is Cand.Sc. (Pedagogy), doc. e-mail:; and I.I. Tolstikova is Cand.Sc. (Philosophy), doc., head of sub-faculty e-mail:

 at Sankt Petersburg NRU of Information Technologies, Mechanics & Optics


Examined is the theme of national orientation of education, based on example of Chinese students. Presented are results of analytical  study of influence of such on ethno-social adaptation under conditions of metropolis. In the article shown are results of study of national orientation of Chinese students. Identified is a number of special features, defining ethno-social adaptation, behavior and relationships between people in metropolis. Displayed is high degree of adaptive capacity, expressing itself in flexible adaptation to Russian mentality. Also determined are psycho-pedagogical peculiarities of construction of social adaptation programs.

Key words: ethno-social adaptation, national orientation, national pride, national character, culture, stereotyping, metropolis, social contacts, regulatory, normativity, cooperation, practicality, collectivism, individualism, stigma.



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