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Family values in the focus of Russian researchers

D.M. Kovba

UDC 314.1+316.36


D.M. Kovba is Ph.D. in Political Sciences, Scientific Researcher at Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences e-mail:


Identified are features and patterns of coverage of the issue of family values in Russia in the works of domestic scientists. The interest in this topic is caused by two main reasons: firstly, the changes taking place today in the political, spiritual, economic and other spheres have an impact on the transformation of the institution of the family; secondly, family values are one of the most significant components of the value foundation of Russian society. For the analysis, 1396 scientific papers published over the period 2001–2010 were selected. It was found that when describing the state of family values in Russia, crisis phenomena, the transformation of society and its basic values are recorded. The main fault is recorded along the “traditional-modern” line. The reasons for the transformation are associated with the processes of globalization, an increase in economic well-being, ample opportunities for personal and professional self-realization, and a tendency towards individualization. It was revealed that one of the most popular subjects of research is the study of family values of the younger generation, since the nature of the social structure in the future depends on this age group. It has been established that it is typical for researchers to define family values as something in need of formation, cultivation, and strengthening. At the same time, the main responsibility for strategic planning and the approval of a set of tools for strengthening the family and family values in Russia rests with state authorities at various levels.

Keywords: family, family values, transformation of the institution of the family, family crisis, Russian family.



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