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Students’ brotherhoods in contemporary Russia

R.V. Dorokhina
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R.V. Dorokhina is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. at Voronezh State Technical University



Continued is examination of the theme of formation and development of students’ corporations in contemporary Russia, initiated by the author in the journal Alma mater (Vestnik vysshei shkoly). Presented article examines problems of development and functioning of students’ corporations at modern Russian universities on examples of such brotherhoods, as ΗΨΧ and Fraternitas Ruthenica. Discussed is the theme of continuity of traditions and student corporate practice. Initial steps of students’ communities and their further goals are shown. Also presented is the analysis of activity of fraternities in the context of interaction between university and corporate socialization, as well as key moments of misunderstanding of each other is given.

Key words: students’ corporations, university, goals, ethical values.



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