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Index of citation as a way to destroying of science in Russia and the world. Influence on scientific administration and education

L.B. Erstein    


L.B. Ershteyn is Cand.Sc. (Pedagogy), doc., at High School of Print and Media Technologies of Sankt Petersburg State University of industrial technologies and design



Analyzed is the problem of use of both index of citation and Hirsch index as indicators of quality of scientific activity. Presented is criticism of using of these indices. Carried out is empirical verification of connection between scientific productivity of authors and the level of their indices. On the basis of critical notes and data of empirical verification proved is, that citation index and Hirsh index have no connection with scientific significance of research. Shown is, that their use is resulted in fact in change of scientific activity goals from real scientific search onto raising of level of these indexes, and in turn factually leads to destruction of the science. Also proved is, that wide spreading of both index of citation and Hirsch index as indicators of quality of scientific activity of researchers very negative impact on scientific management and higher education in general.

Key words: quality of scientific research, citation index, Hirsch index, scientific management, destruction of science.



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