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Methodic of evaluation of resulting of activity of teaching staff of universities (rating system)

V.V. Klimuk, A.V. Nikishova, O.E. Komarov
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V.V. Klimuk is senior lecturer; A.V. Nikishova is Cand.Sc. (Philology), vice-rector at Baranovichi State University, Republic of Belarus; and O.E. Komarov is Cand.Sc. (Sociology), Prof. at Pavlodar State Pedagogical University, Republic of Kazakhstan



Analyzed are problems of evaluation of resulting of activity of teaching staff of universities. As base of the analysis selected are Pavlodar State Pedagogical University and Innovative University of Eurasia. Evaluation of the quality of teachers is proposed to determine with methodic of integral ranged approach, since activity of teacher is multidirectional and must to be evaluated accordingly. Resulting is grouped into components, and on each element proposed is net of distribution of balls for each achievement. Presented is approbation of proposed methodic for evaluating of quality of teacher’s activity. Also presented is value evaluation of activity of teacher as basis for additional material stimulation of quality of educational process.

Key words: evaluation, quality, work, labor, activity, teaching staff, higher educational institution.



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