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Features and problems of teaching humanities in the framework of technical education (example of teaching the discipline “Philosophy”)

G.G. Zeinalov, Е.В. Рябова, О.И. Немыкина
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G.G. Zeynalov is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof. e-mail:; E.V. Ryabova is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. at Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute n.a. M.E. Evseviev e-mail:; and O.I. Nemykina is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. e-mail: at Saransk Cooperative Institute (branch) of Russian University of Cooperation


Analyzed is the problem of teaching and learning of humanities at technical education. Defined are principal problems of that process, i.e. disinterest and lack of desire in students to studying of humanitarian disciplines, presentation to students of philosophy as excessive for chosen profession, studying of philosophy as not mandatory but at the same time no easy task. The article is devoted to the search for necessary ways to solve them. The authors conclude, that today the main task of pedagogue is to teach students to think alternatively, to develop ability to see not only quantitative side of the phenomena, but also qualitative side, and to conduct causal relationship between various phenomena, that are sometimes externally unrelated.

Key words: humanitarian knowledge, technical education, philosophy, humanitarian image of personality, historianizm, dialogue, professionalism, inter-disciplinarity, ideological contradictions, motivation, non-linear education.



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