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Specific features of civic consciousness of cadets of military high schools of troops national guard of the Russian Federation

Yu.N. Kuzminikh, O.A. Kozlov
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Yu.N. Kuzminikh is adjutant e-mail:; and O.A. Kozlov is adjutant e-mail:

at Saratov Military Institute of Troops of National Guard of Russia


Examined are peculiarities of civil consciousness of cadets of military institutions of RF National Guard Forces. Disclosed are factors, influencing the process of formation of civil consciousness of cadets. Civil consciousness is analyzed as qualitative characteristic of cadet’s personality. The role and place of the faculty and commanders in the process of the cadets’ civil consciousness formation is viewed. Special attention is given to educational work, aiming at formation of civil consciousness of cadets. Basic methods used by tutors in the course of cadets’ civil consciousness formation are listed. Also problems of educational breeding work with cadets are analyzed and major directions in the course of cadets’ civil consciousness formation are suggested.

Key words: public awareness, educational breeding work, national guard troops, forms of academic work.



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