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Specialists and managers of economics in educational breeding process at higher technical education

Yu.N. Vivdenko
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Yu.N. Vivdenko is Dr.Sci. (Engineering), prof. at Siberian Automobile and Highway Unuversity



Researched is one of directions of effective use of industrial experience by training engineering cadres, i.e. attracting organizers and specialists from real sector of economics to work part-time at high school faculty, as such is defined by norms of the Ministry of education & science. Also argumented are advantages of inclusion in this category persons, not only now working, but also former employees, who have significant industrial work experience, and experience of promotion on professional ladder, scientific degrees and titles, obtained in economic and other benefits.

Key words: educational standards, directions of training, managers and experts in economy, non-working specialists, norms of the Ministry of Education & Science.



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