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Professional pedagogical education and ecological culture of future teacher: tasks and possibilities of realization

Yu.M. Grishaeva, Z.N. Tkacheva, N.S. Evstafieva
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Yu.M. Grishaeva is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof. e-mail:; Z.N. Tkacheva is Cand. Sci. (Pedagogy), doc., faculty head e-mail: ; and N.S. Evstafieva is post-graduate student e-mail: at Moscow State Regional University


Researched are problems of training of future teachers in relation to solving of problems of formation of ecological culture of students. Attention is being focused on the need to increase the level of individual ecological culture of future graduate of pedagogical direction of training. Analyzed is content of educational standards governing training on pedagogical directions at the level of both bachelorship and mastership. Also substantiated are practical recommendations, directed on renewing FGOS VO as to problems of ecological oriented professional pedagogical education.

Key words: eco-professional competence, ecological culture, ecological education, professional pedagogical education, federal state educational standard of higher education.



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