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On the content of humanitarian knowledge and purposes of humanitarian education

N.S. Chernyakova
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N.S. Chernyakova is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof. at Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University  e-mail:


Analyzed is humanitarian knowledge as special kind of cognitive activity, the object of which is the ideal content of human existence and socio-cultural products. The ideal content of socio-cultural activities cannot be studied by scientific experimental methods. Humanitarian research is based on interpretation of material forms of embodiment of ideal phenomena. The aim of humanitarian education is formation of professional, being able to carry out independently humanitarian cognition and education, and also to interpret content of already existing ideal products and to create new products of specialized spiritual creativity. The principal aim, stressed the author, is in teaching, how to understand, interpret and analyze products of culture in forms of spiritual culture.

Key words: humanitarian knowledge, humanitarian education, socio-cultural products, institutional forms of spiritual creativity, ideal content, interpretation.



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