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Phenomenon of education in the context of modern form of historical a priori

O.V. Khlebnikova
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O.V. Khlebnikova is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), doc., prof. of sub-faculty at Omsk State Transport University e-mail:

Researched are modern organization of the space of thought, modern form of historical a priori, that alter traditionally established relationship to many cultural and social phenomena, in particular, to the phenomenon of education. The main directions of these changes are transitions from the understanding of education as an institution for the formation of a fully developed personality to understanding it as an institution for preparing for the profession, and also from treating it as a structure oriented toward the development of conceptual thinking to its perception as a mechanism of interaction with intentions of clip thinking. The article contains a conceptual analysis of the current conditions for the existence of the pedagogical idea as a whole. It proposes a conclusion about the need to re-evaluate educational priorities.

Key words: historical a priori, education, «grammar» of thought, operational knowledge, clip thinking, pedagogical idea.


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