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Modeling of the process of praxiological training of students at high school for professional activity

D.N. Devyatlovsky, V.V. Ignatova
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D.N. Devyatlovsky is Cand.Sc., doc. at Lesosibirsky branch of Siberian State Technological University; and V.V. Ignatova is Dr.Sc., prof., head of sub-faculty at Siberian State Technological University



Examined is the theme of solution of pedagogical task, associated with construction of model of the process of praxiological training of students with description of the sum of components, forming parts of it. The model includes such components, as task using, organizational and substantial, and estimated-effective. Described are aims, tasks, pedagogical principles and methodological approaches of the named components, as well as pedagogical conditions of praxiological training and principal stages of that training. Characterized are criteria of formed components of praxiological training of students and levels of their expression. The named components of praxiological training of students at high school, state the authors, are in close interaction, constituting integral dynamic system, that matches the main content of professional training of students.

Key words: components of model, modeling, model, students, praxiological training, professional training.



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