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Formation of national model of education in Uzbekistan in the years of independence

Yu.A. Ergasheva
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Yu.A. Ergasheva is Dr.Sci. (History), prof., head of sub-faculty at Karshi Engineering Economical Institute, Uzbekistan e-mail:


Described is the theme of formation of national system of education in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the years of independent development of this country. Presented is detailed analysis of experience of development of national model of education in Uzbekistan, described universal and peculiar in stages, principles, approaches to reformation and improvement in educational system. Also problems of concordance of national educational and professional programs with modern world achievements of education, science, engineering and technology, economy and culture are examined. Researched are problems of introduction into educational process information and communication technologies, ensuring close connection of education with future practical and professional activity of young people, as well as the problem of innovations in educational system.

Key words: national model, system of education, stages and principles, approaches of reforms, improvement of education, educational and professional programs, science, technics, technologies, culture, educational process, informational and communicational technologies, professional activity, youth, innovations.



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