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Formation of socio-cultural competence while training at mastership

A.G. Kozlova
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A.G. Kozlova is doct. in Pedagogy, prof. at Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University



Analyzed is actual in theoretical and practical aspects of educational process the theme of formation of socio-cultural competence in the course of training at mastership. In particular, examined is possibility of formation of socio-cultural competence at mastership as to master’s program of basic professional educational program of “Spiritual and moral breeding” under conditions of implementation of Federal state educational standard of the 3rd generation. In connection with the theme under examination, in detail defined is the essence of the meanings of both “socio-culture competence” and “socio-culture competency”, as well as characterized is content of them with defining of their elementary composition. Also presented are concrete examples from high schools’ practice as to formation of socio-cultural competence by students while their training at mastership.

Key words: mastership, basic professional educational program, competence, socio-cultural competence, socio-cultural competency.



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