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Ensuring of self-realization of students in activity of small innovative enterprise at high school

A.I. Shutenko, E.N. Shutenko
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A.I. Shutenko is Ph.D. (Pedagogy), senior researcher at V.G. Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University e-mail:; and E.N. Shutenko is Ph.D. (Psychology), doc. at Belgorod National Research University e-mail:


Elaborated are humanitarian aspects in activity of small innovative enterprise at high school, connected with ensuring students’ self-realization. Revealed are essence and value of students’ self-realization in activity of the named enterprise, and also formulated are main components of their self-realization. Described is personally focused model of functioning of small innovative enterprise at high school, including two components, i.e. subjective and imperative. The first component covers attributive signs of students’ self-realization over which are being built corresponding principles of using innovative technologies, forming the second, i.e. imperative component. Formulated by the author approach to solution of the problem of small entrepreneurship at high school opens possibility to make more adequate integration of innovative, commercial and personal factors in modern higher education.

Key words: small innovative enterprise, higher school, students’ self-realization, scientific innovative activity, personally centered model of development of small business development at high school.



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