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Peculiarities of organization of practical classes on the course of “Computer and peripherals” for specialists at technical high school

A.D. Shemetova
80,00 ₽


A.D. Shemetova is PhD (Pedagogy), doc. at Ozersk Technological Institute — branch of NIYaU “MIFI”



Presented is experience in lecturing of the discipline of “Computers and peripherals” for students, being trained in natural and technical areas. Revealed are shortages of traditional educational methods of organization parallel computing for high-performance computing systems. In order to eliminate of the named shortages, proposed is a number of effective methodical ways, and also given is detailed description of them. Also presented is description of practical experiment with students of technical profile by studying of the discipline of “Computers and peripherals”. The results of the experiment revealed advantages of using of described methodical ways, proving their effectiveness. In the future, there are plans for widening of the range of computing tasks with using of parallel methods of solution with the aim of raising effectiveness of the process of training in parallel programming students of technical profile.

Key words: informatics, training in programming, parallel computing, high-performance systems, methods of education.



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