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Active approach to servicing of readers in electronic library at high school

R.A. Baryshev
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R.A. Baryshev is Cand. of Philosophical sci., Director of library and publishing complex at Siberian Federal University



Discussed are actual issues of development of university electronic libraries, one of which is library’s unwillingness to change themselves according to present realities and society needs. This also applies to internal arrangement of organization and is largely due to the lack of active interaction with reader. Noted is on necessity of overcoming of contradiction between huge educational resource of electronic library and insufficient use of this resource in educational process. Examined are three “forms of activity” of university libraries. Also presented is “Smart Library” project, in frames of which it is intended to solve the problem of information resources use. Described are both approach to development of active system of automatic support for electronic library of users, and implementation of this approach in Siberian federal university.

Key words: higher education, library servicing, electronic library, informational resources, automated support system of users, library services, active informational system, library pedagogy, “smart library”.



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