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Transformation of educational paradigm in terms of reforming of the system of Russian higher education

M.V. Zhirina
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M.V. Zhirina is PhD in Sociology, Researcher at Institute of Social-Political Research RAN



Examined is the problem of reforming of the system of Russian higher education through the prism of replacement of educational paradigm, lying in it’s fundament. The author considers some of existing in Russian science categories of educational paradigm. With using intermediate integrated variant, the author shows that permanent process of transformation of education system in Russia finally leads to change in humanistic paradigm. Shown is how clash of different ideas has resulted in paradigmatic pluralism in Russian higher education, deepening the situation of uncertainty and instability. Conclusions are justified on empirical data of complex sociological research, conducted at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Key words: education, paradigm, reforming of education, Russian higher education, sociology of education.



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