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Formation of professionally value orientations of students

E.V. Luneva, N.D. Bobkova, O.N. Bryzgalova, O.G. Khripunova
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UDC 304:378                 


E.V. Luneva is Cand.Sci. (Biology), doc., head. of sub-faculty; N.D. Bobkova is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof.; O.N. Bryzgalova is Master student; and O.G. Khripunova is senior lecturer at Kurgan State University e-mail:


Discussed is the problem of formation of professionally value orientations of students, studying in the field of training “Organization of work with youth”. The paper defines basic list of professional and value orientations of future specialists in the field of work with young people. The authors found, that there is a change in professionally value orientations of students in the process of professional training. The paper presents a study of the level of self-assessment of formation of professionally value qualities of students. The authors established factors, determining the level of formation of professionally value qualities of students, depending on the course of study. Also the role of teaching staff in formation of professionally value orientations and positive image of future profession are shown.

Key words: professional and value orientations, students, competitive qualities, work with young people.


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