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A.I. Herzen as educator and methodologist of 19th century

V.A. Meider
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V.A. Meider is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof. at Volzsky Humanitarian Institute of Volgograd State University e-mail:


Presented is analysis of scientific theoretical heritage of A.I. Herzen, original Russian thinker of 19th century. Researched are “Letters about study of the nature” and “Diletantizm in science” by A.I. Herzen, and also his articles of pedagogical methodical character. Followed is creative path of Herzen, that, as the author states, was educational with the aim of development of humanism. Attempt is made to show that A.I. Herzens’ thoughts on philosophy, natural science and mathematics doesn’t lost their relevance also nowadays.

Key words: science, philosophy, mathematics, natural science, cognition, methodology, dialectics, worldview.



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