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Technology of educational process in the system of higher education of Russia and China. Actuality relevance of comparative analysis

O.Yu. Rodionova
80,00 Р


O.Yu. Rodionova is post-graduate student at Irkutsk State University e-mail:


Analyzed is the process of modernization of the system of education on example of such developing countries as Russia and China. Their unifying beginning is the fact, that reforms and innovations in the system of higher education in these countries are being seen as principal driving force, that enable to create modern, quality and competitive educational system. One of the most significant innovations in the field of education in Russia and in China is technological approach, that makes possible to reorganize the educational process, make it analogous to well-established mechanism with result of more higher quality with least cost. At the same time, in technological development of the process of education in these countries, there are not only common features, but also certain differences, that affect on pace and qualitative characteristics on reforms being implemented. The article provides arguments in favor of the need for comparative analysis of ways and means of realization of implementing technological approach in higher education of the two countries.

Key words: educational process, system of education, technologization, educational technology, modernization of education, Russia, China.



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