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On the problem of evolutionary leap in scientific educational thinking

Yu.V. Karyakin , M.S. Polonskaya, E.A. Tunda
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Yu.V. Karyakin is Cand.Sci. (Engineering), leading expert; M.S. Polonskaya is senior lecturer at Tomsk State Polytechnic University e-mail:

 and E.A. Tunda is senior lecturer at Tomsk State University e-mail:


Presented are results of comprehensive study of educational process at educational institution. The aim of the research is orientated on explication of the mechanism of cognition in educational interaction of “student — subject learning — lecturer”. Results of the research are focused on formation of new ontogenetic approach to organization of cognitive activity of students. The essence of the new approach is that in the process of educational interaction students are being acquired not only knowledge, but only information. Proposed is interpretation of cognitive process as the process of transformation of empirical knowledge into concepts and generation of theoretical knowledge on the basis of meanings. The authors’ conclusion is made, that consequence of transformation of education on the basis of onto-genetic approach is improvement of educational process, incl. shortening of the period of professional training and improvement of it’s quality.

Key words: ontology of scientific knowledge, pedagogical and onto-genetic paradigms, cognition in educational process.



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