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Skills of rational intellectual labor as means of intensification of independent work of students while reading Internet materials

Irina V. Perlova


I.V. Perlova is Cand. of Pedagogical sc., doc.

at Perm National Research Polytechnic University



Elaborated is actual theme of disability of students to create for themselves optimal conditions of working with huge amount of Internet materials. To create optimal conditions of work with Internet materials, there is necessity to teach students special technique of rational intellectual labor, the basis of which is not students’ verbal actions, but also psychological physiological side of their activity. Described are basic effective technique of organization of rational intellectual labor, mastering of which could result in good physical state of students, and consequently improving their work efficiency, making conditions for maximum productive work with the Internet sources.

Key words: technique of rational intellectual labor, intensification of brain hemispheres, mental and physical harmony, achievement of emotional tranquility, auto-training, methods of memorizing and attention concentration, bio-rhythms.



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