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Belarus through the prism of education: engineering corps as wealth of the republic

S.V. Kostyukevich
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UDC 378.4: 316.4


S.V. Kostyukevich is Cand.Sci. (Sociology), leading researcher at National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Belarus e-mail:


Argued is, that commercialization of technical creativity could be supported in former Soviet countries through integration of engineering and business education in technical universities to involve students specializing in engineering in industrial entrepreneurship. Such integration already exists in the Western countries, and could be realized in Belarus and the Ukraine. Survey of engineering students of BNTU (Minsk, Belarus) and NTUU “I. Sikorsky KPI” (Kiev, Ukraine) showed, that quarter of respondents have high level of motivation to get entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. The article also argues, that in order to develop civilized industrial business, technical universities should educate future engineers-businessmen to be cultured people and responsible citizens.

Key words: commercialization of technical creativity, industrial entrepreneurship, integration of engineering education and business education, innovative economy.



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