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Development of communicative strategy of children charities

O.A. Andrienko
80,00 Р


O.A. Andrienko is post-graduate student at Institute of Sociology of RAS



Examined is the theme of development of communicative strategy by international charities. Development of such strategy is quite difficult matter, because it requires evaluation and analysis of meaning fields of all sides, taking part in the project, comparison of world pictures of sides, as well as planning of solution of problems of vital situations, discovered on initial stage of the analysis. For the creation of only pair of offers of communicative strategy, there is a need in colossal work, requiring thorough and deep analysis. In the article examined are stages of getting needed information with the aim to orientate in certain sphere of charity and to create communication, aimed at effective functioning of charity project, and also at development of healthy society. The article focuses attention on children charity and international projects.

Key words: communicative strategy, life problem situation, situation analysis, humanitarian values, social conflicts, motives and values.



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