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World economy. Optimism and problems

V.V. Komarov , N.I. Litvina, E.V. Ananieva
80,00 Р

UDC 339:378    


V.V. Komarov is Cand.Sci. (Economic), prof. e-mail:; N.I. Litvina is Cand.Sci. (Economics), prof-mail:; and E.V. Ananieva is Cand.Sci. (Agriculture), doc. e-mail:

at Russian State Agrarian Correspondence University


Analyzed are processes of development of the world economy. It is clear, that benefits of global economic growth are not distributed fairly between and within countries and make the world extremely unstable and subject to risks and uncertainties. The issues of development of the “green” economy and renewable resources are becoming more acute. Many of tasks, set in the UN sustainable development on agenda for the period up to 2030 are global in nature and require active, immediate joint action by all countries of the world. The Covid-19 virus pandemic has sharply worsened forecasts for the world economy.

Key words: Russia, CIS, UN, WTO, IMF, world economy, international economic relations, green economy, renewable resources, foreign direct investment, coronavirus pandemic.



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