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On Alexander Zapesotsky’s book “Culture: view from Russia”

A.P. Markov

Zapesotsky, A.S. Culture: A View from Russia. 2nd ed. Saint-Petersburg.: SPbGUP – Moscow, Nauka, 2015, 848 p.


A.P. Markov is Dr. Sci. in Culturology, prof. at Saint-Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions



Presented is critical analysis of new publication of the book by known culturologist A.S. Zapesotsly “Culture: view from Russia”. The book is composed by works on problematic of culture, published by the author in years from 1997 up to 2013. In concentrated form there are presented fundamental scientific results, received by the author in three fields of philosophical culturological knowledge, i.e. philosophy of culture, philosophy of education and sociology of culture. The book is addressed to specialists in the field of culturology, philosophy, sociology, art criticism, pedagogy, and also post-graduate students and students of humanitarian high schools, as well as to wide cycle of readers, interested in problematic of modern social humanitarian knowledge.

Key words: culturology, philosophy of culture, philosophy of education, sociology of culture.